We Believe and Support Survivors

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Hearing courageous survivors of sexual assault tell their stories is difficult and often painful. Survivors hearing others’ stories may be re-traumatized. In the days that followed last week’s hearing, the National Sexual Assault Hotline saw a 338% increase in calls.

At LeGaL, we believe and support survivors. According to the CDC, lesbian and bisexual women are three times more likely to experience sexual violence. Approximately, 40% of gay men and 47% of bisexual men report experiencing sexual violence in their lifetime; 47% of transgender people have been sexually assaulted.

Our friends at the NYC Anti-Violence Project provide a lifeline of support and advocacy to LGBTQ survivors of sexual violence. Their hotline is 212–714–1141.

Lawyers are fierce champions for justice and strong advocates for our clients and community. It is important to also take time for self-care, and please know that there are established channels of support, if you find you need it.

Executive Director, LeGaL @lgbtbarny. Attorney promoting justice in & through the legal profession for the #LGBT community. 40 Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40.

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