LGBT Bar NY Judicial Ratings for the 2020 General Election

Eric Lesh
4 min readOct 27, 2020

October 26, 2020 — The Judiciary Committee of the LGBT Bar Association of New York (LeGaL) is pleased to announce its ratings of candidates for judicial office in New York City in advance of the November 3, 2020 general election. Candidates were eligible to receive the following ratings: “Highly Approved,” “Approved,” “Not Approved,” or “Failed to Appear.”

In order to obtain an “Approved” rating, the Panel must be satisfied that the candidate, once on the bench, will: 1) demonstrate a commitment to the equality of rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people; 2) possess the integrity, intellect, experience, and temperament required of judicial office; and 3) perform judicial duties without bias or prejudice against or in favor of any person and will not permit discrimination against any minority in his or her courtroom.

In order to obtain a rating of “Highly Approved,” the candidate must possess all of the characteristics required for an “Approved” rating to an outstanding degree, and in addition must have demonstrated a commitment to the equality of rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.


Supreme Court — First Judicial District (New York County)

David B. Cohen — Approved

Melissa Crane — Highly Approved

Ta-Tanisha James — Highly Approved

Carol Sharpe — Highly Approved

Supreme Court — Second Judicial District (Kings County)

Theresa M. Ciccotto — Failed to Appear

Lizette Colon — Failed to Appear

William F. Mastro — Approved

Beth Parlato — Failed to Appear

Karen B. Rothenberg — Failed to Appear

Delores J. Thomas — Approved

Carolyn E. Wade — Approved

Supreme Court — Eleventh Judicial District (Queens County)

Karina Alomar — Approved

Evelyn L. Braun — Failed to Appear

Tracy A. Catapano-Fox — Highly Approved

Lance P. Evans — Failed to Appear

Darrell L. Gavrin — Failed to Appear

Michele A. Johnson — Approved

Joseph F. Kasper — Failed to Appear

Kevin J. Kerrigan — Approved

Mojgan Cohanim Lancman — Failed to Appear

Leonard Livote — Approved

John C. Spataro — Approved

Supreme Court — Twelfth Judicial District (Bronx County)

Andrew J. Cohen — Failed to Appear

Orlando Molina — Failed to Appear

Bianca Perez — Highly Approved

Kim Adair Wilson — Highly Approved

Supreme Court — Thirteenth Judicial District (Richmond County)

Mario F. Mattei — Failed to Appear

Lisa Grey — Failed to Appear


Civil Court — Second Municipal Court District of Bronx County

Wanda Y. Negron — Failed to Appear

Civil Court — Third Municipal Court District of Kings County

Maria Aragona — Approved

Civil Court — Fifth Municipal Court District of Kings County

Saul Stein — Failed to Appear

Civil Court — New York County (Countywide)

Michael L. Katz — Highly Approved

Leticia M. Ramirez — Highly Approved

Eric Schumacher — Highly Approved

Civil Court — First Municipal Court District of New York County

Carolruth Feinman — Failed to Appear

John Zhuo Wang — Highly Approved

Civil Court — Sixth Municipal Court District of New York County

Seth A. Steed — Highly Approved

Civil Court — Ninth Municipal Court District of New York County

Gerald Lebovits — Approved

Civil Court — Queens County (Countywide)

Nestor H. Diaz — Approved

Jessica Earle-Gargan — Failed to Appear

Civil Court — Fourth Municipal Court District of Queens County

Denise N. Johnson — Failed to Appear

Civil Court — Sixth Municipal Court District of Queens County

Leigh K. Cheng — Failed to Appear

Civil Court — Richmond County (Countywide)

Ronald Castorina Jr. — Failed to Appear

Allyn J. Crawford — Approved

The Judiciary Committee

Janice B. Grubin, Esq., Co-Chair

Michael J. Weiner, Esq., Co-Chair

Pamela B. Goldsmith, Esq., Vice-Chair

Craig A. Convissar, Esq.

Lee Coppage, Esq.

William Crosby, Esq.

Harley D. Diamond, Esq.

David S. Flugman, Esq.

Michael B. Gallub, Esq.

Martha L. Golar, Esq.

Alexandra P. Kolod, Esq.

Kaegan Marie Mays-Williams, Esq.

Craig M. Notte, Esq. (On sabbatical 2020.)

Andrew P. Merten, Esq.

Ethan D.B. Rice, Esq.

Christopher Salloum, Esq


LeGaL is the nation’s first bar association of the LGBT legal community and remains one of the largest and most active organizations of its kind in the country. Over our 40-year history, the lawyers, judges, and law student members of LeGaL have been dedicated to promoting justice in and through the legal system for the LGBT community. Through its Foundation, LeGaL provides vital legal services to hundreds of low-income LGBT New Yorkers each year. In addition to ensuring full equality for members of the LGBT community through our impact litigation, education, and advocacy work, LeGaL is committed to advancing the expertise of New York’s LGBT legal professionals and students.

LeGaL’s Judiciary Committee works to ensure that New York’s courts are staffed by fair and impartial judges who will uphold the rights of LGBTQ people.

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