LeGaL President Kristen Browde Condemns Secretary Carson’s Ignorant, Anti-Transgender Remarks

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According to the Washington Post, “Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson expressed concern about ‘big, hairy men’ trying to infiltrate women’s homeless shelters during an internal meeting, according to three people present who interpreted the remarks as an attack on transgender women.”

In response, The LGBT Bar Association of New York Board President Kristen Browde released the following statement:

“While it’s no surprise the Secretary Carson has once again demonstrated his ignorance and prejudice, it’s heartening that staffers at the Department of Housing and Urban Development were firm in their recognition that both the law and basic morality require that transgender individuals be treated fairly and equally by every branch of their government.”

“Instead of continuing the administration’s fear mongering by pushing myths about men posing as women, Carson and the rest of the administration should learn what people around the world already know: that people who are transgender are just like everyone else — they raise families, they contribute to their communities and, most importantly, in no way represent a threat or danger to anyone.”

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