BREAKING: LeGaL files SCOTUS brief in support of workplace protections for LGBT people

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Today, The LGBT Bar Association of New York, (LeGaL) filed a “friend of the court” brief with National LGBT Bar Association, National Trans Bar Association, Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom, and LGBT Bar Association of Los Angeles in the case of Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia at the U.S. Supreme Court. The case could reverse longstanding precedent that sexual orientation and gender identity are protected from employment discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The brief advances three main arguments:

  1. The Court should reject the discredited idea that employers may discriminate in employment decisions to appeal to customer prejudice.
  2. That discrimination to appease customer prejudice is harmful and serves no legitimate purpose.
  3. That the Supreme Court has long disfavored third-party vetoes of civil rights and civil liberties.

Our members and supporters are on the front lines enforcing Title VII and other federal and state employment anti-discrimination laws. We will never stop fighting with them and on behalf of the LGBTQ community.

We urge the Supreme Court to confirm that Title VII protects LGBT employees from discrimination on the basis of sex, and to reaffirm the well-established principle that deference to customer bias is no excuse for employment discrimination.

This brief was organized by LeGaL and other signatories in partnership with pro bono counsel of Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP.

Read the brief.

Executive Director, LeGaL @lgbtbarny. Attorney promoting justice in & through the legal profession for the #LGBT community. 40 Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40.

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