For Law Day, We Want Attorney General Loretta Lynch Back at DOJ

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May 1st is officially recognized in the US as #LawDay. It is meant to reflect on the importance of the rule of law to the foundation of our democracy.

As civil rights litigators, advocates and leaders we have seen firsthand how our courts can play a critical role in protecting our cherished rights and liberties. This is particularly important when the other two branches of government are determined to attack the most vulnerable members of our society.

One of the most dangerous and damaging aspects of the Trump administration’s attempt to drag us back into the 1950’s is how Jeff Sessions has weaponized the Justice Department to attack LGBTQ people, immigrants, people of color, and women.

That’s why for #LawDay 2018, we want Attorney General Loretta Lynch back at DOJ.

LeGaL recently honored the former Attorney General with our Community Vision Award for her tireless work defending the rights of LGBT people from powerful private and government actors.

“We are living in increasingly dangerous times for the LGBT community.” — AG Loretta Lynch

In her remarks to the LGBT advocates in the room, Attorney General Lynch addressed a room full of LGBT legal professionals, including many of those who have been fighting for LGBTQ civil rights for over 40 years.

“I was tremendously proud to be part of an administration that recognized that our gay and trans servicemembers, having made the commitment to defend our constitution with their lives, deserved to be afforded the dignity, respect and gratitude of every American.” — AG Loretta Lynch

“Every civil rights movement has had to push through dark times. It is certainly true that the turn of the electoral wheel has left many of us felling as if we are a stranger in a strange land. We are watching this nation’s headlong dash back to the 1950s” — AG Loretta Lynch

She spoke at links about the fight for justice and equality and how LGBT people are under attack from this administration.

“We are watching the language of our leaders turn from inclusion to narrow-mindedness. The path to equality has never been smooth — for any of us. And every advance in civil rights has generated a backlash. And we are in the middle of that backlash now.” — AG Loretta Lynch

Her words served as a call to action, illustrating the powerful impact that the peoples’ lawyer can have when they stand up first for the least powerful in our society.

“That is why the work of LeGaL is so important. Keep bending, keep pushing, keep advancing this change in the law. As I look out over this room of committed advocates, I’m confident that despite the darkness of the hour, we will prevail again. The path of progress tells us that.”-AG Lynch

That is why this law day all we want is to restore justice to the department of justice. All we want for Law Day is Loretta Lynch back at DOJ.

Here is the video of her powerful remarks to the LGBT legal community:

Executive Director, LeGaL @lgbtbarny. Attorney promoting justice in & through the legal profession for the #LGBT community. 40 Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40.

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